Build a Legacy


Assured Equity is a family-owned, Denver-based financial services firm founded in 1989. We are dedicated to guiding other family-owned and closely held companies toward multi-generational financial independence. In other words, we understand the privately held business and the families that run them. We know how much work it takes to be successful and we understand your often complex problems dealing with taxes, executive and employee benefits, estate planning, and business transitioning. In our family-owned company, we have dealt with many of these issues ourselves. While we are headquartered in Denver, CO, the companies and clients we work with are located across the country.

Passing the Baton


When you own your own business, there is much more to retirement than packing up your office. Do you pass the business on to someone in the family? Do you transition or sell it to one or more key employees? Or do you sell it to someone on the outside? Our focus is to work with you to develop a customized strategy that meets your unique business and family needs in transitioning the business.

Benefits Packaging

Your employees are an integral part of your company’s success. We work with you to customize a strategy to help attract, reward, and retain a strong workforce. Our goal is to provide a customized solution. It begins with design and budget and then communicating the strength of your plan to employees all while being mindful of the plan’s compliance requirements.

Business Tunnel Vision


Running a business requires significant time, energy, and focus. We help you uncover your financial, estate, and charitable goals. We develop a strategy that incorporates your business and helps you execute on that plan on an ongoing basis. Coordinating your business and personal planning goals allows you to keep your focus where it is most needed.

Holistic Planning


There are times when business owners must focus their attention on one component of their planning. Other times, business owners decide a more comprehensive approach to their planning is needed. Focusing on the whole picture allows your impact to flow to all facets of your and your family’s lives. By facilitating an integrated planning process, we help you realize the legacy you envision for your business & family.

Who We Serve

While Assured Equity can assist with many aspects of building a financially independent future, we focus our efforts on working with family-owned and closely held companies. Almost all of our clients started and built their businesses or took over the reins of a family business. They work in the trenches every day to make certain that their hard work culminates in success.

You Are Either
Growing or Dying

Every business encounters these stages at different times and under different circumstances. Our goal is to help you through these stages so you can leave the business legacy you want.

As a business owner, you have invested countless hours and dollars to make your company grow and thrive. Maybe you started from scratch or took over a business started by your family. Regardless of how you got to where you are now, you earned your success.

We want to help you continue to succeed.

As an individual, you have carefully and strategically built your career and professional status. We can help you ensure that you reap the rewards of your years of work making sure that your various benefits are coordinated, organized, and designed to maximize the benefit for you and your family.

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